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  China Furniture Association is run by volunteers from institutions, enterprises, social organizations individualthe fields of marketing,production, quality,management and other best furniture manufacture in China industry background.CNFA safeguards interests and promotes standards and competitiveness, both nationally and internationally, by providing the most up to date information to its members on how to market, manage and produce quality product, as well as connect with government.
  The exhibition, supported by Chairs Manufacturers for the promotion of international trade, will continue to increase efforts to strengthen the brand new wardrobe products as the best selection of high end publishing platform bedroom furniture designs. All the promotions are aim to broaden the high end wardrobe.
  As one of the most influential exhibition in Wooden Chairs Manufacture and furniture industry, the exhibition range will include brand wardrobe; wardrobe system hardware; bedroom furniture; decorative materials; bedroom lighting and lighting; new furniture materials and new technologies etc.