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  • Ways to choose cheap rattan chairs[2013-9-27]

    Make a sketch of how you want to arrange your furniture, and be sure to include room for you and your guests to move around freely. Make a small space cozy by clustering armless, stackable chairs together around round tables and accessorizing with outdoor pillows. Before you fall in love with that perfect cheap rattan ...

  • The best wooden dining chairs for you choosing[2013-9-24]

    Parents cherish the time that they spent with their babies, but they also have daily chores and responsibilities. The seat can be placed wherever the parent go. This will allow the parent to keep an eye on the baby while he or she goes about their daily chores China chairs wholesale.An added bonus of the chair is that ...

  • Rattan chairs buying from China chairs wholesale[2013-9-18]

    Anyone furnishing his or her home with rattan furniture will be in good company, as many five star hotels, high end condominiums and resorts are now completely furnished with indoor rattan furniture, accessories and fixtures. Buy wooden dining chairs gives a feeling of relaxation and calm and the simple designs are res...

  • To maintain your rattan furniture indoors[2013-9-16]

    Keep the furniture indoors. While rattan certainly likes humidity, it is not outdoor furniture. Keep your rattan indoors and preferably out of direct sunlight and the furniture will last long and look better. Place rubber stoppers underneath the legs of the furniture. Keeping a bit of rubber between the wood and the fl...

  • China chairs wholesale sell cheap rattan chairs[2013-9-13]

    Today’s wicker and rattan furniture has come a long way from the odd looking and slightly creaky old 1970′s chairs and now, wicker and rattan is not only sturdy, it’s incredibly chic. In fact, today’s wicker is so stylish it’s at home in every room of the house not just...